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Rawafid Industrial aim is to design and build long-lasting, high quality, cutting-edge, safe, and cost-effective water facilities, where we can realize our vision and enrich the lives of everyone, doing our share in the water supply chain.
We are a reliable construction company spatialized in water projects. We deliver turn-key solutions to our clients. We are proud to be fully local company in Saudi Arabia with full capabilities to take on global companies in an open market place. We have assembled engineering capabilities that are second to none. We have experts that are able to solve any water problem. This makes it possible for us to tread new paths and to find innovative, unconventional – but reliable – solutions that increase efficiency and deliver customer requirements.

Value Engineering


Value Engineering

We are guided by the enthusiasm to identify potential changes to desalination of water treatment plant designs which would satisfy essential functions at a low cost while maintaining quality and various other operational requirements. Through our team of Certified Value Specialists and other technical personnel, we are able to conduct the following processes: System Efficiency Evaluation; Program Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Safety Programs, Power System Analysis and Audits, Preventive Maintenance Program, Energy Saving Program, Feasibility Studies, Quantity Surveying, Process Automation, Electrical Protection System, Protective System and Coordination Study

Operation & Maintenance


Operation & Maintenance

We believe in providing sustainable solutions to all the services that we offer. We offer to follow up services to ensure that our operations both in the remote and modern places are operational and are a true reflection of our mission. To be able to achieve this, we conduct: O & M Team Assembly, Continuous Training and Performance Assessment, Asset Management, Competitive Water Projection (cost and quality), Client Management, On-Site Quality Control and Lab, DCS Operations and Research and Development.

Construction Management


Construction Management

Rawafid has undertaken many construction projects with a majority of them being water infrastructure projects for various municipal and industrial clients throughout our years of construction experience. To match up with the current trends of dynamic design and the construction marketplace, we keep ourselves updated with current contracting methods such as Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Design-Build and various other collaborative delivery methods.

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Turnkey EPC


Turnkey EPC

Our goal is to have a sustainable water supply through sustainable water equipment construction

As an icon in water projects construction, many projects have been entrusted on us due to the many years of experience in the construction sector. With active Research and Development capacity, Rawafid has adopted latest techniques and technologies as enablers for performance excellence.

Design and Engineering


Design and Engineering

Rawafid provides maximum value for money to our clients. We are guided by the need to minimise capital expenditures, installation costs, shipping costs, operational costs and other maintenance costs through designing systems that are consequently built, packaged and finally supplied in an efficient manner.

We are guided by a simple methodology that guarantees the sustainability of our service philosophy:

Have a wide range of tools, technologies and systems in place
Give customers many options to maximise flexibility
Adoption of high-quality, efficient and reliable products and solutions.

101KWe Desalinate
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