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WHO We Are

Rawafid Industrial was incorporated in 2013 but has been effectively in business since 2008 when it was part of Alfatah Water & Power. Both entities are part of “Rawafid Alhadarah” group of companies.

WHY We Exist

Rawafid Industrial’s mission is to design and build long-lasting, high quality, cutting-edge, safe, and cost-effective water facilities.

Our Vision

We do this with an ultimate vision, ‘enrich the lives of everyone, while doing our share in the water supply chain’.

Our Values

To be able to successfully achieve our mission, we are guided by our maintained values:
Work Safely: Commitment to the protection and well-being of our employees, partners, plants and the people in the communities in which we operate. We are also committed to the protection of the environment we operate in to ensure sustainable solutions for all our businesses.
Commit Strongly: Pursuing facts, challenging assumptions, and providing solutions as poised as trusted and objective engineering giants
Create Value: Guided by creativity and innovativeness in all our approaches and solutions leveraging on talented, experienced and committed workforce
Respect: Conduct business with respect to our employees, partners, and clients. We encourage support for each other through teamwork and collaboration.
Integrity: We hold ourselves to highest level of entirety using the highest professional and ethical standards towards our clients, communities and one another.
Think Forward: Our solutions are scalable to accommodate the unforeseen demands of the future.
Motivate relentlessly: Employee growth, good working conditions, decent living and a healthy family are our commitment to those who work for us.
Excel continuously: Preferred company to handle water solutions based on our broad portfolio, referrals and engagements with the public and private sector players
Win together: Your contribution counts in our tailor-made solutions

Our Certifications and Awards

With a combination of experience & future-oriented development, we keep adding bits and pieces of innovative design, engineering and technology. We even are reinventing construction methods. This results in an ever-ending increased efficiency and decreased costs all around desalination. This is an important strategic objective of Rawafid Industrial. Saudi Arabia depends on desalination to source drinking water. Water is the single most important life resource. It is the reason for all livings. We take it upon ourselves to try to be as efficiency and innovative as we possibly can to avail this great resource for Saudi Arabia and the region in the best way possible. With our engineers, local knowledge, expertise of the Arabian Gulf waters as well as the Red Sea waters, and our 40 years of experience of competing on the international stage; we can bring quality and efficient desalination plants to life. We also employ our capabilities to all other water related processes including brackish water desalination, sewage treatment, industrial waste treatment, and water treatment in general. We have been tried and tested for quality, governance and our commitment to protect the environment and as a result, we are ISO 90001 Certified- Commitment to Quality (Quality Policy & Procedures Manual: scoping, execution and resources planning, work priorities, updates, schedule control, cost control, progress and physical completion measurement, project management); ISO 14000 Certified– Commitment to Environment Protection (Environmental Manual); and OHSAS 18001 Certified – Commitment to Health & Safety (Occupational Health & safety Management System Manual)

Where We Want To Go

In the near future, we see ourselves as the top Saudi and local regional water EPC company, with high regard to quality, efficiency, sustainability, and stakeholder’s satisfaction, significantly positively contributing and impacting the local and regional water security. Our unique value preposition strategically places us at an advantage since we are favored by local waters conditions for processes, local market conditions for materials, expertise availability and capabilities, engineering availability and capabilities, labor availability and capabilities, local codes and statutory requirements knowledge, availability of local supervisory personnel and availability of local engineering services.

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