Design and Engineering Services

Rawafid provides maximum value for money to our clients. We are guided by the need to minimise capital expenditures, installation costs, shipping costs, operational costs and other maintenance costs through designing systems that are consequently built, packaged and finally supplied in an efficient manner.

We are guided by a simple methodology that guarantees the sustainability of our service philosophy:

  • Have a wide range of tools, technologies and systems in place
  • Give customers many options to maximise flexibility
  • Adoption of high-quality, efficient and reliable products and solutions.


We design our systems with the capability of integrating them into more extensive process and system trains. We adopt various methods and stages in the design which include:

1) Concept Development

2) Process Design and Optimization

3) Plant Layout Optimization

4) Automation and Control Design

5) Energy Efficiency and Optimization

6) Safety, Security and Environment Design.
These integration procedures are essential when designing a utility seatreatment plant.

System Benefits: Rawafid’s ultimate benefit to those who engage with us is in the designing of systems that have the potential to solve potential problems while at the same time, offer maximum performance.


Rawafid guarantee system performance as the engineering designs are always optimised to match the system technologies that are evaluated. We offer: Seawater Mechanical and Piping Detailed Engineering, Electrical Detailed Engineering instrumentation, Automation and Control Detailed Engineering and Civil and Structural Engineering.
Rawafid gives a promise to be a consistent partner every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction through our comprehensive, hands-on project-based approach that guarantees sustainable, customised industrial solutions.